If you're a conjunto fan this is a GREAT CD with great Conjunto music that won't disappoint! 


When lead singer, Issac, left Los Tremendos V (aka "T5"), he created Kinto Rey.  Then after this CD was manufactured, he left back to T5.  This CD was released without a band and left us some great music.  You won't be disappointed.  Just look at the track listing!!  And look at the price!!


1. Quiero Conocerte  
2. La Revancha  
3. Barranquillero  
4. Seis Anos  
5. Tejanita 
6. Tu Vestido Blanco  
7. Siempre Junto A Ti  
8. Tu Corazon Y El Mio  
9. Stocky Polka  
10. Greg Paredez Tribute

Kinto Rey