(Released 2007) This is a jazzy CD done by Tejano Artist, Frank Gomez. Many songs feature, Ruben Ramos, Stefani Montiel, Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers/Max Baca, and Jerry De La Rosa.


  • Don't Do Me This Way
  • Candy (Featuring: Ruben Ramos & Stefani Montiel
  • Song For Rita (Featuring: Stefani Montiel)
  • I'm Gonna Tell You Why (Featuring: Flaco Jimenez)
  • Breakaway  (Featuring: Ruben Ramos, Stefani Montiel)
  • Stormy Monday  
  • Hey Sarita  (Featuring: Augie Meyers, Max Baca & David Farias)  
  • Don't Let The Green Grass Fool Ya  (Featuring: Stefani Montiel)
  • Barranquillero  (CUMBIA Featuring: Ruben Ramos & Max Baca)
  • In The Moonlight  (Jerry De La Rosa)


Frank Gomez - Under The Influence