DVD Movie released May 2017

Spanish with English subtitles 95 mins.

Mexico's public enemy number one, the world's biggest drug trafficker and the most wanted man in the world, escapes from a maximum-security prison for the second time to avoid being "double-crossed" by the Mexican government and extradited to the United States. The drug lord feeling the "Judas kiss," orders to build a five million dollar air-conditioned underground tunnel to his cell. His bold escape stuns the entire world. Once in freedom, "Chapo" plans his revenge on the politicians who betrayed him and makes the whole Mexican government shake to its foundations. His ominous power is over everybody and everything. The Mexican President scrambles to renegotiate his recapture to appease the masses of the fragmented and outraged Mexican society, and whose fury demands his resignation. Inspired by real events of the deception, revenge, and betrayal, "Chapo," the man more powerful and influential than Pablo Escobar.

Chapo - DVD The Escape of the Century