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Our Story

What started out as an idea, turned into a reality to have a store dedicated to Tejano Music and fans in the Houston/Pasadena, Texas area.  The Tejano Music Center specializes in Tejano Music CDs, DVDs, Pro-Audio equipment and carries accessories for any musician.  

The Tejano Music Center opened it's doors in October of 2017 and is owned by Monica Pena & Carlos MaldonadoMonica & Carlos are no strangers to the Tejano music industry.

Monica Pena is a DJ for and has been for the last 15 years.  Monica was the 1st female DJ for BNet and the 1st female Tejano Internet Radio DJ.  You can listen to Monica on BNet every Thursday morning from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.  She actually broadcasts from the store.

Carlos Maldonado is the front man for Tejano music group, Grupo Fuerte, from Houston, Texas.  Carlos has been playing since he was 4 years old when he joined his father's band, Carlos Maldonado y Los Aguilas, after learning how to play the drums.  He played drums for about 8 years while learning the Accordion, Bass Guitar and Bajo Sexto. 


In the fall of 1996,  branched out on his own, with Grupo Fuerte, when his dad was considering retirement.  In 2004, the group received 5 TTMA nominations for their debut album, Hello Baby Doll.  In 2005, the group released, Lagrimas De Amor, and became an instant hit thanks to the collaboration with Tejano music singer, Lee Villarreal (Los Desperadoz), and Tejano Music Legend, David Lee Garza (Los Musicales).  This CD received 3 TTMA nominations.  Grupo Fuerte has since released 3 CDs since and have all gained rave reviews by fans and media nationwide and in Mexico.  In 2014, Carlos was inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame in Alice, Texas, for his talent on the Bajo Sexto.  On the same night, Carlos' father, Carlos Maldonado Sr., was also inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame for his talent on the Accordion. 

After 20 years, Carlos reunited with his dad's band for the CD called "Carlos y Carlitos Maldonado -- The Reunion."  It features all the favorite Los Aguilas hits from the past.  All CDs can be found here on the Tejano Music Center store. 

Since it's opening in 2017, the Tejano Music Center has become a fan favorite to purchase Tejano music in the Houston/Pasadena area since it specializes in new & old Tejano music.  Many major Tejano artists have had meet & greet sessions at the store to promote their newest CD.  Groups like Roger Velasquez, La Fiebre, Jaime y Los Chamacos & The Hometown Boys just to name a few.  We were also chosen by the Serrata family to host the accordion giveway, benefiting the medical funds for legendary Tejano Musician Jessy Serrata medical funds.  The giveaway was originally scheduled for mid-August 2017, but Jessy passed away 2 weeks before and the giveaway continued as planned.

In late August 2018, Tejano Music Center was affected by Hurricane Harvey.  The store received 8 feet of flood water -- yes 8 feet.  While most of the store was saved, our store was closed for 4 months.  Since it's reopening in December 2018, fans returned to the Tejano Music Center to purchase music by their favorite artists.  Musicians can now find accessories and pro-audio equipment from brands like Shure, Hosa, D'Addario, Promark, Evans, QSC, Chauvet, EMG Pickups, Community  & purchase their gear for the weekend gig.  Even young musicians can find what they need for their marching or orchestra band.  Everything is here at the Tejano Music Center!

Tejano Music Center

704 W. Shaw

Pasadena, Texas 77506


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